Welcome to PetCam App 2.0

Best Dog Camera App for Windows PC/Laptop

Be with your pet, even when you’re not at home.

With this update we want to provide you with a revised version of PetCam App to make it more reliable for you and your best friend – your Pet – in your absence.
We have integrated the most common customer requests such as:

  • Talk to your pet and hear your pet while you talk to your best friend.
  • Communicate with your pet via LIVE VIDEO CHAT.

With our Dog Camera App you keep in touch with your best friend via Real Time Video Stream using your Smartphone(Receiver) and Windows PC/Laptop(Pet Station).

Please help us to improve the app with your suggestions.
Only with your feedback we are able to adapt the app step by step to our customers needs.
You can reach out for our support team at [email protected]

We remind you that the functionality of the application also depends on the quality and speed of your Internet.
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