PetCam App
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PetCam App is free for download!

PetCam App is the new way of taking care of your best friend – your pet.
With PetCam App you can talk to your pet and capture amazing photos and fun moments of your pet – any time, no matter where you are.

Stay connected via Live Streaming with your best friend using your smartphone, tablet or computer in your home.

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Easy to use!

Monitor your pet 24 hours a day simply and safely. All you need is your smartphone, tablet or your computer / laptop connected to the internet in your home.

Install PetCam to be able to take care of your pet even you are not at home!

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Live Video Stream

With PetCam you may always see in realtime what is going on with your pet. You also may talk anytime to your pet to calm it down if necessary.

Configure alerts and notifications when your pet is barking or any noise is detected by the microphones.

Which features make PetCam one of the best pet cam / dog monitor apps out there?

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PetCam – Multiplatform App
Apple iOS, macOS, Android, Windows

pet cam sends notification

Push Notifications & Alerts
PetCam will inform you if your pet is noisy or needs your attention

dog monitor live video streaming

Live Video Streaming
Monitor your pet 24/7, no matter where you are

dog monitor talk to pet

Talk to Your Pet
Talk to your pet whenever you need or whenever you miss your best friend.

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Capture unique moments and share them with your friends

dog monitor app, record live video

Live Video Recording
record videos of your pet, even you are not at home

How to set up and use PetCam:

1. Choose your Pet Station and activate it (it can be a desktop or tablet)
2. Activate your Receiver on your mobile device that will stay with you
3. To watch your pet while you are not at home, tap “open video”

Important: To use the App you need to install PetCam on 2 Devices!

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PetCam is compatible with all of your devices

Download now for free!!

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Nice App

Nov 12, 2018
I can connect anytime with my pet even i am not at home to see my pet, with using the petcamapp, this app very easy to monitor my pet
iOS AppStore – Indonesia

Great Pet cam app

This is an amazing pet cam app that helps dog owners have peace of mind when they are away. It is a must have dog monitor and petcamapp!
iOS AppStore – USA

Dog lovers everywhere are thankful

I seriously love this app! I always leave my dogs with a relative but despite that I still worry about what goes on behind closed doors. So this pet cam app really gives me closure, because it acts as a dog monitor. I definitely recommend pet lovers other there to download this pet cam.
iOS AppStore – USA

Pet cam, dog monitor, dog can… wow! I just love this app. It is very useful guyz.

Google Play, 15 Nov 2018 at 06:56

Useful app! With this pet cam, now i can stay close and monitoring my dog from everywhere

Google Play Store, 13 Nov 2018 at 05:50

PetCam App versions at a glance

  • Full Version/ Trial Version

    starting at only US$ 2,17 / Month *)

  • Live Video Stream, unlimited

  • Talk to your Pet

  • Record Video

  • Snapshot

  • 8x digital Video Zoom

  • Record Own Sound

  • Adjust microphone individually

  • Video quality HQ / LQ

  • *) An upgrade is possible at any time during and after the 7-day trial.
  • Basis Version

    Life Time Version *)

  • Live Video Stream, limited

  • Talk to your Pet

  • Record Video

  • Snapshot

  • 8x digital Video Zoom

  • Record Own Sound

  • Adjust microphone individually

  • Video quality LQ

  • *) After the 7-day trial version, the basic version will be activated.